Climbing Kilimanjaro is more than just climbing the highest mountain in Africa. It’s about an adventure with a group of people to achieve a common goal and dream. We have a dream of donating over a Million Rand to animal welfare in South Africa to the SPCA.

Originally the SPCA Kilimanjaro Challenge, the initiative commenced in 2012 with annual climbs to raise funds for the Sandton SCPA, a non-profit animal welfare organisation based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The SPCA’s mission is the prevention of cruelty to animals. They receive no government funding and rely entirely on donations from the public and their own fundraising efforts.

We believe in climbing for a cause, to make a difference. We follow adventure for the animals, communities, the planet and the self- we look up at the challenge with passion and perseverance.

Through various adventures we hope to create a community of like-minded individuals and teams who share a love of animals so that the SPCA can continue their selfless, tireless work.

The SPCA Adventure Challenge offers excellent deals on your Kilimanjaro trip with a community of adventurers who become friends. More than that SAC offers an opportunity to push your mind and body to reach new heights while helping a great cause along the way.

While in the past we have only climbed Kili, we have broadened our horizons and are looking to summit Everest and other challenges in the future. For those not yet ready for the leap, our hiking club started this year and is a great way to join summiteers in their training- who knows, maybe you are more ready than you think!

Stephanie Brown - Project Chair

I’d like to invite you, and even challenge you to the experience of a lifetime!